Hear from Other Couples

Watch a video with married and engaged couples who share their wedding send-off experiences and planning.

Why Joyful Send-off?

“Last summer three of us spent about 5 hours on a remote barrier island off Virginia’s coast and picked up more than 300 balloons and ribbons – a real eye-opener!” said Laura McKay, Virginia CZM Program Manager. Clean-up events just in…

Balloons as Litter

What goes up, must come down. Use balloons for decoration and in your images, but please don’t let them go. Is there such a thing as an “environmentally friendly” balloon release?  No. 100% of released balloons return to the earth…

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So many joyful, picture-perfect send-offs from which to choose!

There are so many send-off activities that can be engaging, memorable and joyfully picture-perfect!

A colorful, picture-perfect send-off with ribbon wands!

Ribbon wands are a delightful and colorful way to wave couples off into their new lives together.

Reflect the glow in their faces with the light of LED wands!

Light up a Wedding send-off with glow sticks and LED lights!

Other Environmentally Friendly Ideas for Celebrations

Kids love the outdoors!  Add a party, and it is a magical experience!  Outdoors or in, show a child ways that a low waste celebration – without items that can generate trash and possibly litter, like streams and balloons –…

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