Wedding Venue and Vendor Kit

As a wedding venue or vendor, you know there are a myriad of details that come together to create the perfect wedding day.  Even relatively small decisions can leave a lasting and memorable impact.  A wedding or reception send-off is one of those decisions.  

The Joyful Send-off campaign is committed to providing couples with send-off ideas that capture a joyous and picture-perfect moment, but do not result in harmful litter. Balloons released outdoors become litter and can be harmful to wildlife, as well as cause other damage — such as power outages when the balloons are trapped in powerlines. All Joyful Send-off ideas engage family and friends in a memorable celebratory send-off. Our goal is that couples choose not to release balloons on their wedding day or at anytime in their new lives together.  

Would you help us reach engaged couples as they visit your site to plan their big day? Although your establishment may already ban release of balloons or sky lanterns — knowing what harmful effects they can have — we hope that you will share the Joyful Send-off message with engaged couples.

Below are materials you can download:

Please contact us at if you are interested in receiving a complete partner kit, while supplies last. This kit includes the poster and copies of the handout, in addition to:

  • cropped-joyfulsendoff5761A sample ribbon wand that can be displayed with the campaign poster to capture the attention of couples
  • Joyful Send-off Calling Cards to provide to interested couples
  • A bottle of champagne bubbles to display (a limited quantity may be available to distribute to couples) –


For more information or questions about the campaign, please contact us at

Would your business take the next step and vow to not allow balloon releases on your property?

We would love to include you on the Joyful Send-off list of businesses who have made this pledge.

Send your pledge – “Our business, _____________ (fill in name of business), located in _______________ vows to not allow balloon releases on our property!

Send your pledge to  Provide the URL to which we should direct website visitors.