Joyful Send-off!


So many joyful, picture-perfect send-offs from which to choose!

There are so many send-off activities that can be engaging, memorable and joyfully picture-perfect!

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A colorful, picture-perfect send-off with ribbon wands!

Ribbon wands are a delightful and colorful way to wave couples off into their new lives together.

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Reflect the glow in their faces with the light of LED wands!

Light up a Wedding send-off with glow sticks and LED lights!

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Hear from couples about their send-off experiences.

Joyful Send-off has spoken with many future brides and grooms and married couples, and heard that there is great interest in having a beautiful ceremony that is also respectful of the environment.¬† It is a legacy a couple can start…

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An uplighting send-off with bubbles!

The idea of creating and walking through a curtain of bubbles is a delight for all ages! What an uplifting way for guests to send-off a newly married couple! Enjoy this video of couples joyfully showered with bubbles! Check out…

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