Hear from couples about their send-off experiences.

Joyful Send-off has spoken with many future brides and grooms and married couples, and heard that there is great interest in having a beautiful ceremony that is also respectful of the environment.  It is a legacy a couple can start together at their wedding – and grow and share throughout their marriage.

Joyful Send-off encourages send-offs that will not create litter, unlike some traditional as well as current wedding send-off activities.  Rice and bird seed, when scattered on a hard surface, can create a slipping hazard, and rice is also hard to clean-up.  So, couples may find many venues are not allowing these practices.  Since 100% of balloons, and their attachments (plastic valves, disks, ribbons, LED lights being place inside), return to the Earth or the ocean, we discourage the intentional release of balloons. Sky lanterns and non-biodegradable confetti, glitter and sequins also create litter.

Brides should be sure to ask their wedding venue what is allowed.  Sparklers can light up an evening wedding send-off and make beautiful patterns in photos, but some wedding venues do not allow sparklers, or have a rule that they be used in outdoor areas only.  Glow sticks and LED wands are great alternatives.

Listen to what these couples have to share about what how they wanted their weddings not only to be personal and memorable but also have less impact on the environment.

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