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JoyfulSendoff772Looking for ideas to create a special and memorable wedding send-off? Share your joy and engage your friends and family with these fun and joyful activities at the end of your service or reception.

What makes a Joyful Send-off unique? In addition to being fun, memorable and picture perfect, these send-off activities all have another great benefit: they don’t create harmful litter! Since 100% of balloons return to the Earth…or the ocean…as litter, please never release balloons (or paper lanterns!) into the air!Champagne-Bottle-Bottles

You’re the stars of the show!  Have your guests take on the role of the Paparazzi.  Candid wedding photos are truly a treasure in the years to come.  Smart phones can imitate the flash of the camera, while your guests call out questions such as – “Where are you going on your honeymoon?”, “Love the dress! Who’s your designer!”  Planting the questions sounds like a fun role for your bridesmaids!

Walk through a curtain of bubbles!  You can order custom bubble bottles with your names.

In the spring, flower petals floating through the air and swirling around you offer a myriad of delightful color and naturally splendid images!


Will your wedding be in the autumn?  Fall leaves against a bright blue sky are an amazing backdrop to a send-off.

Walk through waving ribbons on wands in your wedding colors!  Add bells for a joyful noise!

A gift of a plant to each of your guests keeps the memories of your special day alive for  years!

For a lovely scent, have your guests fill the air with the aroma of lavender buds or sprigs.


Light up your evening send-off with glow sticks and LED wands!  They make beautiful patterns in photos.  For night send-offs, sparklers are also amazing (where allowed!)

Send your guests home with a frosted Mason jar luminary after they light your path.  It’s super easy to create these yourself, and you can enlist your friends and family.  All you need are mason jars – you can buy these or collect or save fun-shaped jars in the months before your wedding – Frosted Glass spray paint (found at your local hardware store or discount store), tea light candles or LED tea lights, and vinyl lettering, or paint and stencils to monogram/personalize.

Jet off into the future with paper airplanes! These can also be a keepsake. Have guests write their well wishes on the airplane wings to save in your wedding scrap-book.


Invite your family and friends to serenade you with musical instruments as you embark on your marriage!

Like ribbon wands, pom-poms – yarn or tissue-paper – are a great way for your guests to cheerfully wave you off to your honeymoon! Provide guests pom-poms in your wedding colors, or even in the colors of your favorite sports team!  It’s easy to make your own.  Check out these step-by-step instructions –


Getting married on the beach?  Provide your guests with shells to form a heart in the sand, and write a message to one another inside before you depart.  Be sure to take pictures first!

Mini beach balls are fun and playful, and make a cute keepsake for your guests!

Always liked the canopy effect of couples walking under military sabers?  Go for canopy of crepe paper!  It’s easy to make.  Take long lengths of crepe paper – in your wedding colors – make cuts into the paper along each side, roll each end around a dowel, add a little twist in the paper, and your guests can create a canopy built for two! Makes for great pictures!

Be sure to ask your wedding venue what they allow. For example, some wedding venues do not allow sparklers, or have a rule that they be used in outdoor areas only.  Many venues allow biodegradable confetti made from fall leaves or flower petals, but may require a clean up fee.

We would love to hear your ideas, and about your Joyful Send-off! Please share in the comments section below.

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Ribbon Wand Kits (personalized ribbons available!)- 

Champagne Bottle Bubbles (ask about ordering bottles personalized with your names) –

More ideas and resources to come!

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